Thursday, April 21, 2011

Question about Blog Posts

What are you interested in reading about, in my blog?

I am curious what my limited following is interested in.

I feel like my blog needs a change.

Here are my thoughts:
1. Create Four separate blogs:
    a. Motherhood Stories - pics, videos and stories about my boy
    b. Art Projects - pics, stories, feedback requests on past and ongoing art projects
    c. Coaching Journey - thoughts that I want to share during my experience with coaching
    d. Rambling Thoughts - just that, random things that are on my mind

2. Continue with having all jammed into one blog, but not to hesitate in posting random things when they come to mind.  I find myself not posting stuff because I am worried it will not be interesting.  I have found some AMAZING blogs and find myself comparing.

I would love some feedback and ideas.  If I am going to continue with this, it needs to be "on purpose".

Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Encounter with Friendly Fireman Bob

The other day, Chase and I were out for a walk.  Chase was being persnickety because of those beautiful new pearly whites trying to break through.  As I crossed the street, I noticed a firetruck coming our way.  I turned the stroller around and squatted down beside Chase to show him.  They put their lights on and honked the horn.  Very cool.  But, the fun didn't stop there.  The firetruck then PULLED OVER.  No kidding.

Bob, the friendly fireman, jumped out and offered to have Chase go in the truck.  Such a totally cool experience.  True to form, I got all misty.  Luckily, my glasses are transition lenses, so the tears were not visible to the men in uniform.

Bob, the friendly Fireman

My little monkey, being so brave!
The firetruck, really quite big when you see it up close

This was a wonderful experience and I am grateful!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh Nap Time - Where Art Thou?

Dear Beloved Nap Time,

How I miss you so.  The times where we were able to journal, talk on the phone, have a shower and get ready for the day, in peace.  I missed you dearly while I was eating lunch today.  Chase misses you too.  He is so tired without you.  He wishes you would keep visiting twice a day, but understands that times change.

We both sincerely hope that you return to a scheduled time.  We accept that you will probably only visit once a day, but please, please come back.


Friday, February 25, 2011

1st Hair Cut

Who knew a hair cut could be such a big deal?

I took Chase for his first hair cut on Wednesday.  We went to a kid's salon, where the chairs are special vehicles and there are TV screens at every mirror.  Chase sat in Thomas the train.  They put a movie in and started cutting.  He was somewhat oblivious to the cutting, watching the TV and marveling at his Grandma and I.  We were being a gooey and mushy, because he was getting his first hair cut.  Grandma was playing the role of the paparazzi, taking all kinds of photos and videos.

My little guy looked very handsome with his new hairdo.  The stylist even put some gel in!!

Before and After
I never would have guessed that I could be so emotional over something as simple as a haircut.   It was a right of passage for Chase.  Another milestone in his little life.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Chase smiled for the camera for the first time.  Oh, we have captured him smiling, but that's not the same.  This time he saw I had the camera, crawled over, got as close as possible, waited until it was pointed at him and then smiled, this great big beautiful smile.

Here he is crawling over to me
Isn't that one of the most beautiful, precious, sincere smiles ever?

Monday, February 21, 2011

When did you last play?

Can you remember a time when you let go of everything and just played?

Watching my son play is like magic.  He just gets lost in his own little world.  Today I sat out of view and peeked in on him.  Each time he was deeply involved in something grande.  I have noticed that when I am in the room, he is super conscious of where I am and what I am doing, as though I am a distraction.  When I moved around the corner to the diningroom and spied on him, it was a completely different story.

Since he is nearly 10 months old, it is fascinating to think of his little imagination.  Is he exploring?  Is he imagining something?  What is happening in his little brain?

So, I learn from Chase.  I learn to live in the now.  I learn to pay attention to the moment.  I learn the value of letting go and playing.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My son is crawling now.  He has been on the move for over a week now.  It is amazing watching him explore and discover new things.  All the tiny little specks of something on the floor, the bottom of the high chair, the heat register, the springy door stop. As he crawls, every fourth stride, his little right leg pops out for some added boost.  When he is trying to go fast, this sends him off to sideways, like a crab.

Chase, crawling

It also funny watching him decide that he is quite ready for food.  He sits where ever he is and vocalizes.  If his food isn't quite ready, he will make his way around the island to be right by my feet.  He looks up to me and hollers.  I translate it to, "where's my food, woman!"  Then when my charming little man is finished, he says "all done", but it sounds more like "aiy dun". 

Oh, I'm a proud Mama.